The Best Food to Take Camping

The best food to take camping is easy to prepare and cook and tastes delicious. This means doing a little prep work at home before you head out on your next camping trip. By far, camping isn’t quite camping without some version of s’mores during the evening time. Whether you like your s’mores with mint chocolate, caramel or the stand by regular type, bringing along a bag of marshmallows, graham crackers and some type of chocolate is a must.

Besides the s’mores, the best food to cook up while camping really depends on what your family likes to eat. Most foods that you can BBQ at home will be quite tasty on the campfire too. Prepping your food ahead of time makes campfire cooking a whole lot simpler. Marinade your meats and tofu ahead of time and store in zip lock bags, then freeze. The meat will slowly thaw while in your cooler and be ready when you need it. That extra time spent marinating will make your meat or tofu that much tastier too.

Bring along some extra marinade or spices to throw on when things are about to sizzle on your campfire grill. The best vegetables to bring are the harder, root vegetables as they will stay fresher longer while you’re away from home. Whole baked potatoes wrapped in tin foil taste delicious topped with your favourites.

You can also create delicious vegetable foil wraps by combining a combination of your families favourite sliced vegetables placed in a foil wrap. Toss first with some butter or olive oil, salt and pepper and maybe your favourite seasoning. Seal up in foil and cook over the campfire. This will give you a delicious dinner that is easy to prepare, enjoy and clean up.

Breakfasts and lunches are easy and fun to prepare too. Pancakes either made from a mix or homemade are delicious partnered up with some fresh fruit and sausage for the meat eaters in the family. The same principle applies to bringing along fruit on a camping trip. The tougher the fruit, the better it will stand up to the trip. Apples, oranges, melons and pineapple are all great choices. Berries must be consumed first as they aren’t as hardy as the other types of fruit.

We also like to bring along nuts and dried fruit along with nut spreads for sandwiches. Deli meats don’t last very long and need to be consumed quickly but harder sausages can be kept for a few days and are a better choice to bring for sandwiches.

Harder cheeses are a good choice too. They’ll last longer and keep better in your cooler than softer cheeses.

Hard boil some eggs before leaving home as these can be a great addition to sandwiches, salads and for breakfast too. Bringing along healthy choices for snacks that will last the length of your camping trip is important too as being outdoors will make for hungrier campers. Granola, granola bars, dried nuts and dried fruit are great choices along with some chocolate covered nuts or raisins.

Make sure you have lots of drinkable water to stay hydrated and keep an eye on your ice supply in your cooler. Keeping your food fresh is really important while you’re camping and many food items need to stay cool. Eating at your campsite should be a delicious experience, from wiener roasts to evening s’mores. Bringing along easy to cook food that you can prep at home makes a big difference. Bring along hardier fruits and vegetables, pre-marinated meats and tofu, some healthy and filling snacks and you’ll have a satisfied camping crew.